How is the Club Discount different from the Group Discount?

The Club Discount represents the discount offered to our club members from the tour operator. It is an exclusive Carolina Arbors Travel Club discount that automatically applies to the booking as long as the travel and time requirements presented are met. For example, Tauck Tours offered a complimentary pre or post hotel night to members who booked the 2017 group Hawaii trip or for any individual trip that was booked between March 14 and April 14, 2017.  The discount remains if ONLY ONE COUPLE TRAVELS. There is no minimum number of bookings to receive the value-added benefit.


The Group Rebate is a rebate above and beyond the Club Discount. This requires a set number of people or cabins to be booked and traveled.  Using Tauck as an example again, if we have 6 couples on the Hawaii Group Trip and everyone TRAVELS, (12 or more people) then the Group Rebate would be met. The Group Rebate is paid by the tour operator after the trip date and will be divided by all who have booked and traveled. The amount of the rebate will vary by trip and the number of people traveling.